Bernadette's French Cleaners North East Ohio's Finest Cleaners and Launderer's
Bernadette's French Cleaners North East Ohio's Finest Cleaners and Launderer's

           Bernadette’s French Cleaners is reputed as one of the country's finest dry cleaners, and launderer’s. They receive clothing from around the country for special care, as well as a tremendous local clientele. They have done cleaning for many Hollywood celebrities, professional athletes, music industry celebrities, professional models, and many famous clothing designers.


           Their specialty is thorough stain removal, with the concentration of the preservation of the integrity of the fabric, followed by the most professional pressing and finishing techniques. Crystal clear distilled solvents are used in each cleaning load, and never is any load processed in “previously used” or “recycled” dirty solvents. This is a costly process, but it’s the only way to produce the finest of quality cleaned clothing.



            All of their cleaning is done on their own premises by apprentice trained, veteran pressers and cleaners, and, absolutely nothing is ever contracted out.  90% of cleaners sub-contract items they take in, unbeknownst to the customer. While most cleaners resort to low pricing, discounting, and coupon’s, to gain business, Bernadette’s French Cleaners concentrates on strict adherence to top quality, service and the utmost attention to detail with each and every garment they take in. All of their employees have been with them for years, and are constantly “trained” on the latest styles, and materials that are always changing with the fashion industry, as well as the proper cleaning processes they require in today’s ever changing market.


            John Sarvis’s 36 years in the upper end fashion industry gives him a tremendous advantage over other cleaners who have no experience dealing with high end tailored clothing. John started his career with Polo/Ralph Lauren in Texas, and from there he opened his own high end clothing store dealing with some of the top fashion houses in Italy, England France, and the U.S.  Names like Ermenegildo Zegna, Canali, Giorgio Armani and Polo Ralph Lauren were carried in his store, and he prides himself in the extensive knowledge of upper end fashion which once again gives him a tremendous advantage in the proper care of such items. 


            Bernadette’s is the cleaners other cleaners recommend, as well as hundreds of the area’s clothing stores throughout North East Ohio.



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